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Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an essential part of finishing any product and is either a mechanical or chemical process. The experts at Finishing Consultants are here to help determine the appropriate process to properly clean and prepare the surface of your parts for a successful coating application.

Surface preparation can be as simple as a solvent wiping process, or a dip clean process, or can be a more complicated multi-stage clean, phosphate, seal process, or even abrasive blast cleaning (see our Abrasive Blast page). It can be a manual process in a batch operation or it can be a conveyorized system utilizing an in-line washer, or automatic blast cleaning system.

Ensuring a part is properly cleaned is the most important step in the coating process, whether the parts require a Class-A finish or a simple cosmetic paint finish. A dirty part will result in poor paint adhesion, meaning rework, rejects and higher costs.

Finishing Consultants can provide manual wash cleaning systems, manual abrasive blast cleaning systems, automatic multistage inline cleaning systems or automatic blast cleaning systems. As well, Finishing Consultants can supply the associated equipment needed in the cleaning processes such as:

  • Wash booths
  • Dry off ovens
  • Cooling sections
  • Conveyors
  • Cure ovens
  • Coating application equipment
  • Spray booths
  • Project Management Services
  • Installation services
surface preparation

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