infrared panels


Green - Fast - Cure technology works by mixing fresh air and gas for a more effective infrared cure, capturing time and energy savings for you. This technology is patented and approved by CSA International.


Infrared Curing Panels

Green Fast Cure (GFC) products are flameless catalytic infrared heaters that reduce drying time by 70-80% over convection drying. These infrared curing systems are simple to use, cost-effective, and offer the ability to force the drying or curing of any type of organic coating. It is particularly efficient over water-based types of coating since it forces the moisture out of the film within 2 to 3 minutes. All GFC products are backed by 20 years of experience designing painting lines and are CSA International approved.

infrared panels

A simple plug-and-play curing system that drastically reduces dry time.  The units come in dual-panel assemblies, each with a control panel and flexible arms to easily position the panels for projecting radiant to the targets.  An optical pyrometer on each panel reads the surface temperature of the parts to control the surface temperature.

How it Works

infrared panels

GFC Catalytic technology uses a mixture of fresh air and gas fuel (natural gas or propane) to provide an oxygen-rich atmosphere for better fuel oxidation and generate the amount of "amplitude" power necessary to reach long distances for long distances effective infrared curing. This air/gas system provides the advantage of allowing the panels to be able to project the infrared energy to distances from 6 to 8 feet.


Read what our FC Technician has to say about a recent installation:

"For our first curing test, I set the percentage value low at 20% to check overall heat and part temp at 3 ft. distance from the heating panel. I was able to achieve roughly 115 degrees F part temp at 1O min cure time. I then proceeded to increase my percentage value to 30% and run another test with 10 min cure time. With adding just another 10% of gas output, we were able to maintain a consistent part temp of 140 degrees. This took the customer's usual 3-hour drying time down to 10 min with an additional 5 minutes of flash time before. The customer was extremely happy with the results and impressed with how user-friendly the GFC systems is. The customer is now able to not only increase their production and can focus on quality as well”.


  • Plug and play curing system
  • Retrofit into existing drying environments
  • Curing for any kind of liquid coating
  • Wall-mounted and easily adjustable in distant and angle
  • Easy installation


  • Saves floor space by wall mounting assembly
  • The systems are very flexible and can be used in any kind of environment
  • Easily installed in existing ovens or drying areas
  • Minimal maintenance with a life span of 15 to 20 years
  • Patented and approved CSA International

Infrared Panel Equipment Included in Each System

  • (2) Infrared Catalytic Panels
  • (2) Flexible Arms
  • Pyrometer on each panel
  • Control Panel; controls:
    • Ramp up Time
    • Curing temperature
    • Curing time
    • Sequential and continuous operation mode
    • Conveyor interlock

Click here to watch a GFC video of Medium range infrared curing all types of liquid coatings.

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