Spray Booths

Spray Booths

Finishing Consultants specializes in providing the right spray booth design for your unique finishing requirements. We provide the highest quality production spray booths available, and can help you to maximize efficiency in your spray operations. In addition to offering standard spray booth configurations, we also utilize our extensive finishing expertise to help develop custom paint booth fabrications for your specific application. The Finishing Consultants team can even install your new spray booth and provide electrical, fire suppression and other contractor services.

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Advantages & Uses of Paint Booths

Spray booths are essential to many commercial, industrial, and manufacturing paint finishing processes. Many painting processes, even those including electrostatic painting and powder coating, all require the use of a properly designed and ventilated booth. Spray booths are essentially a permanent ventilated enclosure, designed to meet applicable national and local codes, usually installed within a facility, and outfitted with exhaust fans, appropriate lighting fixtures and exhaust particulate filters that collect overspray materials and prevent them from being discharged to the outside atmosphere. A properly designed spray booth provides a safe environment for the operator and a clean environment for applying coatings, resulting in a proper finish of the parts being processed.

Some of the advantages of using a paint booth include:

  • A safe, ventilated area for applying coatings containing volatile or hazardous materials
  • A clean environment ensuring a finish without potential contamination
  • Complying with state or local codes relating to painting operations
  • Complying with air quality management requirements relating to pollution prevention

Spray Booth Designs & Customization

There are a lot of different types of spray booths depending on the specific needs for each finishing application. Maintaining the proper environment within the booth, as well as preventing contamination of the painting surface is essential to achieve a great finish. The design of the spray booth is determined by consideration of product being coated, the material being sprayed, and the production rate and overall finishing process required. We can develop a unique spray booth to meet your specific needs. The various types of spray booth designs available include:

  • Dry filter
  • Water-wash
  • Open-Face booths
  • Down-draft
  • Side Downdraft
  • Cross Flow Paint Booths
  • 3-Stage filter design for aerospace coatings
  • Outdoor, free-standing, weatherproof spray booths

Additionally, we can provide gas-fired air make up systems for a pressurized, clean booth environment. All of our booths are designed to meet OSHA, NFPA, UFC, IFC and air quality district requirements.

Spray Booths Inside Spray Booths Interior

Paint Booth Equipment

Finishing Consultants are experts in all of the associate spraying components that accompany a spray booth operation, and we can help you to build a complete spray operation to meet your specific needs including:

Spray Booth & Filter Manufacturers

  • Global Finishing Solutions
  • Paint Pockets

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