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Not only will Paint Pockets Green® overspray arrestors help you along the road to more productivity and more profits, Paint Pockets Green® is your best value for production spray booths. Paint Pockets Green® is specifically designed and priced to replace expanded paper, fiberglass and other lower efficiency, lower value filters. Paint Pockets Green® is engineered to capture both liquid and powder coating overspray generated in industrial and automotive applications. By switching from your current filtration media to Paint Pockets Green® overspray arrestors you reap the rewards of the Paint Pockets Green® triple bonus.

High Efficiency Spray Booth Filters

The 99.43% arrestance efficiency of Paint Pockets Green® means it knocks down and retains more overspray than other filters. It keeps overspray out of your exhaust stack. The intricate fiber structure and 3-dimensional design of Paint Pockets Green® holds onto captured overspray significantly better than non-fiber or flat fiber filters even during filter change-out. This keeps overspray off the booth floor and minimizes clean-up after filter changes. Its unique design holds up to five times more overspray than other filters, enabling you to cut your filter changes by up to 80%. The three-dimensional "Diamond Pockets" design of the air inlet side of Paint Pockets Green® more than doubles its surface area allowing this arrestor to remain in the booth longer therefore capturing and holding larger quantities of overspray. Paint Pockets Green® has a holding capacity of up to 6 pounds per square foot. Filters loaded with overspray do get heavy, but Paint Pockets Green® overspray arrestors won't tear or sag due to their special construction. Using Paint Pockets Green® overspray arrestors will save you money. Not only because you use fewer filters but because it takes less time to change fewer filters and less time cleaning up after changing filters. Furthermore, you can slash disposal costs due to the extended life of this arrestor. More overspray per filter means less filter media to dispose of. Your savings are significant, particularly if you use hazardous waste processors. Paint Pockets Green® overspray arrestors help you down the road to increased productivity and greater profits while at the same time lowering the total costs associated with operating your spray booth.

Paint Pockets Green Paint Pockets Spray Booth Filter

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